Welcome to Troop 260!

Hi, we're Trop 260, based in Suffield CT. We camp every month of the year, and attend Camp Workcoeman Annually. As a troop, we strive to teach all scouts valuable and useful scout skills, ranging from first aid to survival. We meet once a week, and have an hour and a half long meeting where we teach new skills, have competitions, build team work, prepare for camping trips, or any combination of those. If interested in joining, we are always looking for new scouts ready for a challenge! We can be contacted either in person or online if you are interested in joining!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scouting?

Scouting is a program for boys ages 11 - 18. The program helps to teach and reinforce good morals, survival skills, first aid, and countless other pieces of valuable knowledge.

Can my son do it?

Of Course! We are positive that, with time and effort, any scout or scout-to-be can conquer every endeavor with the troop!

What camping trips does the troop do?

The troop camps 12 times during the year, once per month. Every other year, we take twenty scouts and four leaders on a 50 mile trek where we canoe down a river for five days. We also annually attend Camp Workcoeman in New Hartford, CT for a week of residential summer camp. We do a caving trip every fall where we journey underground to explore caves that were formed thousands of years ago. In addition, we do a plethora of other trips that range from orienteering to pioneering. When camping with Troop 260, you'll be sure there's never a dull moment in you scouting career!